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Olympic Inspiration

Like many of you I have enjoyed watching the Olympics from China. A member of our church mentioned at our Zoom service last Sunday that while it is inspiring for her to see an athlete win a gold medal and celebrate their dream come true, often with tears, what really inspires her is when she sees on her television great acts of sportsmanship by the athletes. And I couldn't agree more with her. In fact, it's the sportsmanship that can bring me near to tears. Maybe even more so today in a world where there is so much anger and hostility. Maybe we all could make it a point to be a good sport in life no matter what we are doing, including, waiting patiently in line at a store or bank for our turn, driving in our cars with a friendly spirit toward others, or looking out for one who might need a helping hand even just crossing the street.


Celebrating 100 Years in 2024
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