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A Reunion of Hearts and Minds!

While preparing my sermon for our annual Martin Luther King Sunday this week I suddenly smiled when I remembered the amazing day back in June of 1983 when I found myself sitting in Dr. King Jr.'s boyhood home in Atlanta, Georgia, across the living room from his father, Martin Luther King Sr. Now I want you to take a moment and think about a person you admired as a child and then imagine one day meeting their mom or dad! It was truly a moment of unexpected grace in my life. I was a Seminary student working at the General Assembly and was thrilled to be asked to help escort a man to the assembly whom his family and friends referred to endearingly as "Daddy King." There is a picture of me pushing Dr. King Sr. in his wheel chair at the assembly on our church's website. Martin Sr. gave an inspiring speech to the commissioners of this historic assembly in which the northern and southern branches of the Presbyterian Church were reuniting. We had been a split church since the Civil War. One line sticks out in my mind during his inspiring speech: "Brothers and Sisters, if this reunion is going to work--it must be a reunion not only of your minds but also a reunion of your hearts." That's a thought I've taken with me ever since and tried to use in my relationships with other people. In trying to reach agreement or understanding with people with my mind--I must not forget to share with them the love in my heart. Thank you Rev. King Sr. for that vital piece of wisdom. Next week I will share with you a piece of wisdom King Sr. gave to me personally later that night in his living room. Be well.


Celebrating 100 Years in 2024
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