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In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

I have always been a fan of the Star Wars movies. I remember in seminary we used to discuss the characters in the movies and the biblical themes throughout the stories, including: courage, honor, trust, compassion, integrity and generosity. Indeed, one of my favorite characters, Yoda, once said: “No greater gift there is, than a generous heart.” As followers of Christ we are called to be generous with our time, our love, our life. The opposite of generous is selfish. Selfish people are constantly frustrated because there is never enough to satisfy their lust for more. The selfish life is a sad life. Pray instead for a heart that is generous for generosity leads to the unique sense of fulfillment that comes from bringing happiness, comfort, and hope to another. Think of the people you have known in your life and you will see the truth of Yoda’s words. Those with generous hearts live and die in peace. Christ, himself, embodied generosity in that he gave his very life in pursuit of peace and justice for others. Indeed, his last words from the cross was this prayer of faith and trust: “Father, Into thy hands I commit my Spirit.”


Celebrating 100 Years in 2024
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